June 13, 2019

Jamie Shaw Takes Reigns as Chief Communications and Culture Officer at Craft Cannabis Organization Pasha Brands

VANCOUVER, BC (June 13, 2019) – Pasha Brands Ltd. (“Pasha”) (CSE: CRFT), Canada’s largest organization of craft cannabis brands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jamie Shaw as its new Chief Communications and Culture Officer.

Shaw brings decades of experience in management, messaging, and organizing in the cannabis and multimedia industries to her role at Pasha. Both effective and disruptive in her advocacy, she is the only court-certified expert in the dispensary industry in Canada, and was an expert witness in the Allard trial that won patients the right to grow for themselves. Shaw also successfully lobbied for dispensary regulations in Vancouver, Victoria, and other Canadian municipalities under prohibition, and has consulted at length with all levels of government on cannabis regulations. In addition to Shaw’s extensive experience in the cannabis space, her transferable skillsets from years as a business owner and professional in the performing arts and creative industries make her invaluable to Pasha.

“In my role as Chief Communications and Culture Officer, I hope to assist Pasha in cultivating company-, industry-, and nation-wide respect for the growers, patients, and activists that got us here. I think its crucial to acknowledge the role civil disobedience has played—not just with legalization, but in all the other vital ways it has changed our world for the better,” Shaw said.

“I’m really excited to be embarking on this journey with a team of intelligent, passionate people that are united in their desire to bring the growers and products responsible for British Columbia’s rich cannabis history and reputation for quality back into the limelight.”

Shaw is a founding partner of Groundwork Consulting, a co-author of the first Lift & Co. Retail Cannabis Training Course, a cannabis career training instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and sits on various boards and advisory committees, including the BC Independent Cannabis Association.

“From my perspective, the value Jamie brings to Pasha and BC Craft Supply Co. is immeasurable. Most cannabis and brand houses couldn’t possibly find someone like Jamie to run culture and communications,” said Patrick Brauckmann, Executive Chairman of Pasha Brands.

“I’m thrilled that Jamie has chosen to bring her passion and knowledge of both cannabis and culture to Pasha. Her understanding and respect for the original cannabis industry, along with her love of history has given her a unique lens with which to see how inappropriate laws and backwards-thinking people have ruined lives on so many levels.”

Shaw’s ability to simultaneously advocate for change and work within a shifting regulatory landscape has helped numerous applicants from the pre-legal markets see their way through municipal, provincial, and federal licensing. Having worked at the leadership level with clients and companies including Indigenous Bloom, MMJ Canada, the BC Compassion Club Society, and the former Canadian Association of Medical Dispensaries, Shaw has established herself as Canada’s formidable expert when it comes to restructuring organizations and liaising with regulators in the cannabis space. Her deep understanding of legislation at all levels of government is sure to be an asset to Pasha and its brands.

The wealth of knowledge and experience Shaw brings will not only help to elevate craft cannabis in Canada, but also bring a unique side of the industry to create a strong platform that benefits craft growers, consumers, and shareholders.