June 05, 2019

Pasha Brands Introduces Board of Directors

VANCOUVER, BC (June 5, 2019) – Pasha Brands Ltd. (“Pasha”) (CSE: CRFT), Canada’s largest craft cannabis brands organization, introduced today the four founding directors of its board. The new directors are Patrick Brauckmann, Rosy Mondin, Scott Walters, and Hugo Alves.

“I am pleased Pasha has gained the confidence of such a capable and diverse group of individuals on our Board of Directors,” said Patrick Brauckmann, Executive Chairman of Pasha Brands. “Each one of these individuals brings with them a unique and key skillset along with deep expertise, and a passion for the plant, which will benefit the company’s strategic direction and governance oversight.”

Patrick Brauckmann was a founding member of Doja Cannabis’ Board in 2017 which later merged with Tokyo Smoke creating Hiku Brands in 2018. Hiku was later acquired by Canopy Growth for approximately $600 million. “While shareholders were big winners, that experience illuminated the strong need in the market for something authentic, that had a meaningful connection to the original cannabis industry,” said Brauckmann. “That was where I was inspired to create a new platform that allowed those people and brands to transition into the legal market.”

Hugo Alves

Hugo Alves has built a reputation in Canada for being a leading advisor in the cannabis industry, having represented a variety of global industry participants, including licensed producers, licensed product applicants, licensed dealers, e-commerce platforms, seed-to-sale software developers, design and build firms, patient aggregators, equipment manufacturers and distributors and cannabis branding companies. Alves has acted as lead counsel and played a key role in a wide variety of transactions since the inception of the cannabis industry in Canada and is widely regarded as a legal cannabis industry pioneer. Alves created the Cannabis Group as a partner at Bennett Jones LLP. Alves is currently President and a Director of Auxly Cannabis.

Patrick Brauckmann

For over 20 years, Patrick Brauckmann has identified, structured and financed private and public companies in a wide spectrum of industry sectors including healthcare, internet telephony, mineral exploration and the licensed production of cannabis in the US and Canadian markets. He was both a seed shareholder and Director of Doja Cannabis Company, among many other creative endeavors including a co-creator of Chopra Yoga Studios, and the co-founder of Healthworks, Canada’s first multi-disciplinary medical facilities. In addition to his business activities Mr. Brauckmann is active in financing animal rights and environmental groups throughout the world.

Rosy Mondin

Rosy Mondin comes to Pasha’s Board with over 18 years of business, entrepreneurial and legal experience specializing in corporate late and regulatory affairs. Mondin is currently the CEO and Director of Quadron Cannatech Corporation and, in past roles, served as General Counsel for companies involved in regulatory undertakings and in the securitization of real estate. She is also an Advisory Board Member with the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES) and the co-founder and Executive Director of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) — an advocacy group representing the adult-use cannabis industry.

Scott Walters

Scott Walters has harnessed wide-ranging business experience in developing successful US and Canadian medical cannabis start-ups and sales channels, Canadian federal and US state-licensed cannabis production, product development and ongoing funding research into chronic pain. Prior to joining Pasha as a board member, Walters was the former CEO and business development lead at THC BioMed, Canabo, Empower Clinics (USA) and Molecular Science Co. Scott Walters is currently Vice President of Corporate Development at The Supreme Cannabis Co.